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Studies and projects IMACE SL is a company with over 9 years of experience that has staff of 75 employees plus 2 managers, engaged in the manufacture and supply of cabinets on BT (low voltage) and electrical installations; within the industry sector.

Designed as customer requests

We are known for adapting to the needs of our customer, final or intermediary.

Thanks to our exhaustive quality control and our adaptability, we make each project our goal for excellence.

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In the context of our strategic development, derived from industry, in general, at the request of various engineering, our engineering department, production and manufacture gives relevant and necessary solutions to these needs, they often do not know who recur or who can solve.

Usually, we adapt to the standards, upon request, either, European standard (IEC) or American standard (NEMA).

Similarly, we adapt the designs on demand, considering our own designs derived from the engineering department, which is in continuous process of modernization and development, with the tools and software for their study. In parallel, the quality department, develops and produces all the documentation that the client needs, whether they are office applications or applications in drawing, with different formats (DWG, DNG, etc …).

Assembly and installations

This division, is dedicated exclusively to the development and installation of facilities as customer request. Coverage and experience has given us a high level of quality and expertise, in addition to our technical support and engineering. For example:

-Engineering and installation of lighting in industrial plants, both indoors and in the road, even in ATEX zones.

-Laying of electric lines, instrumentation and control.

-Installation of pipelines, both PVC and steel, tube, so as Tray.

-Engineering and installation of heat tracing, regardless of the areas that the installation is located.

-CCTV, anti intrusion, voice-data, loudspeakers, complete systems, turn key, including the integration of these systems and the corresponding engineering.

-Supply of materials, according to customer request